Mt Waverley January Weekend 2022

January Weekend 2022
Speaker: Bro Ben O'Grady       (Christchurch North, NZ)
When: 21-26 Jan 2022
Where: Mt Evelyn, Melbourne
Cost: Victoria $425 + $50 deposit
       Interstate $405 + $50 deposit
       Married Couples $860 + $50 deposit
Age: 15+

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January Weekend is back on again in 2022, God willing! After we sadly had to cancel the camp in 2021 we’re very excited to be looking at Nehemiah to the theme, ‘The joy of Yahweh is my strength’.

The weekend will be a mixture of studies, discussion groups and activities. Our aim is to provide an environment where we can learn about the Word of God, discuss it, help one another to live its lessons, develop lasting spiritual friendships and enjoy activities together.

We look forward to seeing you there, God willing.

The Study

Following 70 years of exile a remnant of Israel had returned to God's promised land. Under Ezra they built the temple, and now under Nehemiah they worked to build again the walls of Jerusalem to protect from the world outside. At the same time though, they were being rebuilt as God's people in His land.

Through the eyes of Nehemiah we will see this journey on a national and personal scale as they dedicate themselves to the work of God. We will learn how to work together to be involved in the great work of God, building the city walls as the world tries to pull them down. We will see true reformation in the ecclesia as they learn from the past and commit their future to God. But we will also follow a very relatable people whose commitment to God waxes and wanes, allowing the influences of world to seep in.

We look forward to learning from Nehemiah in our studies with Bro Ben O'Grady and discussing with one another throughout the weekend God willing!

The Campsite

The camp will be held God willing at Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp (Tramway Road, Mt Evelyn) which is situated about an hour east of Melbourne. It is a wonderful secluded location surrounded by towering Eucalyptus trees and a creek flowing past on one of the borders.
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When is it?

The camp will be held God willing from Friday evening the 21st, to Wednesday afternoon the 26th of January 2022.

How much does it cost?

To assist people with travel costs the cost is based on the state you live in.
Individual (from Victoria) - $425 + non-refundable deposit of $50
Individual (from interstate) - $405 + non-refundable deposit of $50
Married couple - $860 + non-refundable deposit of $50

Minimum Age Limit

To attend you must be 15 or older prior to attending the camp.


Bro Steve and Sis Cindy Knowles (Tea Tree Gully, SA)
Bro Michael and Sis Anna Hull (Mt Waverley, VIC)

Basis of Fellowship

Our fellowship is based upon the Word of God and living a life according to it. It also requires a sincere acceptance of the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith and the Australian Unity Booklet.


At this stage, we have every reason to look forward to the camp going ahead. However, as evidenced by the COVID pandemic, all our plans are subject to God’s will.
Please note the following:

Please remember


A deposit of $50 is required with each application within 7 days.
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Payment may be made by direct deposit (preferred) or cheque. Please use the following payment details:

BSB:013 479
Account No:201975365
Account Name:Mount Waverley Christadelphian Ecclesia Inc. Youth Group
Cheques:Made payable to "Mount Waverley Christadelphian Ecclesia Inc. Youth Group".

For direct deposit please put your first two initials & surname (e.g. JD Smith) as the statement text, so we can identify the payment as yours.
NZ & International applicants please e-mail us before paying.


If you would like to contact us or ask any questions, please find our contact details below.
Phone: Bro Mark Bennet (Secretary) (+61) 427 380 592